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Branded content

Our productions make customers stand out


Dedicated programs

Dedicated programs are created in response to changes in marketing communications around the world. Thanks to such a formula, we can link recipients' emotions with the product, fully demonstrating its character. 
Such productions include dedicated programmes and series created from scratch with brand communication in mind. 
The extraordinary form of Branded Content allows us to show the product in a specific context, which perfectly complements traditional forms of advertising and is now an indispensable element of any advertising campaign.



What counts is the idea, emotions, which are the main binding element in building the message, high quality of production, good match to the target group and a seemingly trifle aspect – intelligent call to action.
We offer cooperation at the highest level.
We will produce every advertising spot from the idea to the broadcast.


Product placement

Product placement is a perfect complement to spot communication. It allows you to go beyond the advertising break and extend the contact with the brand. Well thought-out product placement brings the brand many benefits - not only extended impact, but it also builds positive correlations through favourite programmes, main characters of given formats, favourite actors, etc. The product is shown in its natural environment and application, it often becomes fashionable or desirable. Product placement is a response to overcrowded advertising breaks, the phenomenon of streaming and zapping. It guarantees a perfect match to the psycho-demographic features of the target group.


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