„Wrocław w rytmie disco: Disco Wrocław” at the Wrocław Stadium, on June 14!

„Wrocław w rytmie disco: Disco Wrocław” at the Wrocław Stadium, on June 14!

Polsat Television and disco polo music will celebrate their 25th anniversary together! On this occasion, Lower Silesia will enjoy an exepctional night with dance music stars!

This is going to be a perfect start of the long weekend: on June 14, Wrocław will become the center point of Polish disco polo! Many well-known performers will make this experience unforgettable, filled with both iconic and brand new songs. The Wrocław stage will host the greatest stars: Boys, Weekend, Piękni i Młodzi, MIG, Czadoman, After Party, Long&Junior, Masters, Bayer Full, Łobuzy, Milano, Mejk, Power Play, Quests, Playboys and Marcus P. An international accent will be present as well, with Jenny Berggren of Ace of Base, Rui Carlos Ferreira of Bad Boys Blue, Kamaliya, and La Bouche performing right next to the Polish artists. This event has a real potential to become one of the greatest shows in Poland!

The event will be broadcast live by Polsat Television and DISCO POLO MUSIC.

The concert is produced by FM ALDENTRO, a co-organizer of 2016’s David Dilmour’s concert.


Tickets are on sale now at www.eBilet.pl and in Empik stores, with prices starting from 29 zł.

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